Kamis, 30 Maret 2017

A cup of coffe ~

Secangkir kopi, beribu makna secangkir kopi bagi mereka yang mengerti. Kopi bagiku bukan hanya sekedar minuman pahit bercampur manisnya gula ataupun susu. Secangkir kopi yang awalnya tak pernah kusukai sama sekali rasanya begitu kuat di lidah. Pelan-pelan rasa pahit itu mengajarkan berbagai arti padaku. Bukan hanya sekedar minuman, kopi memberiku ku sebuah semangat dan rasa optimis menghadapi hari-hari ku, pelan tapi pasti segelas kopi membuatku ketagihan dengan rasanya. 

Kini, kopi bukan hanya sebuah rasa dan penyemangat saja namun sebuah tali khusus penghubung antara aku dan papa. Setiap waktu senggang ku disaat pulang ke rumah,  kami selalu saja mencari waktu untuk mengopi bersama. Bisa saja di cafe ataupun sebuah kedai kopi kecil langganan kami. Dari sebuah kopi, kami menghabiskan waktu bersama dan memulai percakapan yang lebih dalam dibandingkan biasanya. Umurku yang makin dewasa, setiap detik ku jauh dari kedua orang tuaku selalu ada rasa ingin mengerti beliau-beliau lebih dalam, berbagi rasa menanggung hidup bersama. Aku semakin dewasa dan beliau-beliau semakin menua, aku ingin menghabiskan waktuku untuk berbakti kepada mereka. Rasa syukur terbesarku adalah aku lahir dari keluarga kecil yang beliau-beliau ciptakan, tak sesempurna keluarga yang lain namun aku merasa cukup dengan adanya mereka. 

Sebuah kopi yang membuatku menyadari dan memulai untuk mengerti beliau-beliau. Kopi punya makna tersendiri bagiku. Layaknya filosofi sebuah kopi yang ramai orang lain bicarakan di media. Bagiku kopi juga sebagai penghubung dengan orang lain untuk memulai sebuah percakapan. Terutama bagi orang-orang terdekatku. Papa berbicara serius tentang masalah yang tidak pernah beliau bahas di kedai kopi. Hasrat meminum segelas kopi membuat kami lebih sering menghabiskan waktu berdua, karena mama bukanlah tipikal yang menyukai duduk dan bersantai meminum segelas kopi, beliau adalah tipikal workholic dan ibu terbaik yang pernah ada. 

Ku lalui waktu yang berharga bersama papa dan segelas kopi. :)

Jumat, 17 Maret 2017

A short escape

I got a month for holiday this semester, like usual i came back home which i missed everyday. Home is a place where i can find my happiness, my peace, my everything is here. My hometown is the place that i can lean on, Payakumbuh is a part of West Sumatera. A small city but you can find everything you need here. A city which full of variety food and treasurer of tourism.

To fill my holiday me and my best friends plan a short holiday, first we set our destination to Padang. There we can going to some island and watch a movie, i already satisfied when i imagine it. But like a famous quotes said that "not always what we want to be going according to plan" yeaa, the storm and heavy rain at our region and some areas affected by disaster. Because of that our parents forbid to going there. In the end we just decided went to Bukittinggi and Terusan Kamang.

That day we start at 5pm because some things that unavoidable. So Majik driving his car and we on the passanger seat, first the mood not so good since majik  have a little conflict with his mother. But we trying to made his mood up again. We singing in the car and laugh out loud. I am so happy whe i was with them, i found my happiness in them.  And that afternoon we just need  going straight from Payakumbuh the turn right and we arrived at Terusan Kamang. We took some photos there.

This is the view that afternoon

Nindy and Me

Nindy and Majik

They always with me

After that we eat some meatball at Bukittinggi called "BAKSO YARSI" that meatball so famous in town so we always going there if there is a chance. After that we move to "Panties Pizza" and hangout while playing yudo so much fun and our parents already ask for going home. So finally we ended out short escape at 12 pm still with the heavy rain.

Kamis, 09 Maret 2017

I am a tooth fairy

It is not like what in your imagination, i am not literally a tooth fairy. Otherwise, at my young age, 23 y.o i lost many teeth. Since i was a kid, i ate a lot ice cream, chocolate and all kind of sweets. And day by day my teeth became weak, a doctor ever said that beside the sweets it is  happen because antibiotics that i ate when i was sick. So here i am a young lady with teeth problem.

Today,  i went to dentist and my intention for made dentures. Before it, i lost four teeth only for my upper molars and now since a month ago, one more tooth crack right after i woke up -,- you know? its kinda funny but sad for me.

Absolutely i can't face this world without my dentures, so i decided to made a new dentures. When i arrived there, the doctor check my teeth and duplicate the structure of my teeth. after that i asked her "why when i used a floss my gum always bleed?" and she said it because a tartar, right away not in a minute my mother asked the doctor to cleaned up the tartar from my teeth. You know? so suddenly and so pain, oh my god! this why i always nervous when i heard dentist. Until now, i still can feel the pain. After long way cleaned up my tartar, i felt so fresh in my teeth. Then the doctor said that, i had one tooth that need to be remove.

OH PLEASE?! my mom again, let's remove it while we are at dentist and clean up all my teeth problem. Hesitate but for my own good, once again i remove my tooth and thankfully it is at my bellow molars and can't see them when i open up my mouth so do not need a dentures. 
You can imagine the pain?! really it is really give me a lesson, i should brush my teeth before sleep and take care of my mouth health included my precious teeth. Because the dentures i need to postpone going back to Jakarta, and absent for three days. Huft

Sabtu, 25 Februari 2017

Friendship and Egoists

Let's see tonight something made me really wanna write here, something that always bug me. It is friendship and Egoists. What is the real friendship is? What is the definition of egoists? When people can be egoists? I know everything depend on our each point of view but i just still don't get it. It is a our nature character if people just wanna other people listen a bunch of their stories without willing to listened other people stories. It is already set, but can we just adjust to the situation and be consider each other. 

Friendship that everyone proud of, so do i. I always trying to be a good friend for all my friends but something still missing, will they willing help me when i need a help? will they willing to hear my stories when i need people to talk?  When they will understand my situation when i not accidentally disappoint them? Will they? do what i did for them? Its not mean i am not sincere to them, i just curious. I have many friends around me but still empty, this is the time when while we growing up our real friends left us one by one cause a distance and we only care about our own business. Now i am grateful for them who still stay beside me, and care about me. They still wanna listening me, remember me being part of them. sometimes i wanna to be listened, not for once but twice when i wanna try to start a story their not respond

It just my feeling okay?! So felt like i just being there for them, listening their stories. Can we say that i am egoists? hahaha i am doubt what really egoists mean?! Back and forth remember me when you need it, its okay...its okay, that is the real life is. 

These day, i just wanna make my self happy without thinking others feeling, i am getting tired to care what others feel and being careful. That is my personality that always  don't want to hurt other feeling because i knew how felt hurt it left a scar that none can heal and stay forever. So i not talk too much, and can be the funny friends that can entertain other while with me, i am a bored one with lack of general knowledge. I only care what i think i should care. Aaa there is feeling that i can't describe in words. So i'm sorry that this is a confusing post, haha

Selasa, 13 Desember 2016

What else?!

Tuesday is today, you know? my activity just sleep all day long without doing an important activity. These past 3 month i had a severe insomnia, i always slept at 4 am no matter how sleepy i am, i just believe that because i sleep until noon.

Today, like usual and suddenly my uncle called me. I thought something important that he called me, but he just missed me and want to know about me. After talking with him, i realize that my life lack of affection. Because my parent busy with their own things so do i am. And i know why i always thirsty of attention of others. And so envy whenever i saw a warm family, my family warm  but different kind of warm. i didn't mean to regret and being ungrateful, no! i just wanna fix it for a better future, i know it will be affected later to my own - soon to be - family. I wanna make it warm as long as possible i can. 

In the noon my friend come over my dorm and we went to campus together, she is a fun to friend with. She is caring too. In the campus as usual we studied about organizational communication, i love the lecturer so cool and friendly. She is the best so far. Yea, just usual, after that i went to grocery mart to buy some ingredients to cook. I always cook in my dorm for saving money. You know i ashamed to ask more money. Actually i want to buy some things , but i have to think twice to do it. After that we went back to dorm. At dorm i only playing hp and laptop and ended look my cousin blog and want to write again here!

I decided to tell everything here everyday, beside my parents none to willing listen to my story. My boyfriend said that he will be there whenever i need him, talked to him if i wanna share but, its different from the way he act. I know and understood, we in relationship for a long time. He can get bored with me, we doing a long distance relationship too. His personality is can't to show what his felt, and now he is more focus on his study and future. Sometimes we just a long conversation when he is really in good mood and we have something to talking about. I realized from the start these past years we starting to lack of communication, while the communication is the most important in relationship. I can't do nothing, i want to start a more happier, open up, silly and a better communication but those will  slowly giving up. He is closed his heart too tight, since i knew his feeling not completely mine anymore like i loosing my charm. So these past years i am trying to not have a big hope, let it be like what he want to be. Honestly i day by day i loosing my feeling too. Every night i wish i had someone that have a lil bit time to put me in his priority, i won't ask for 24 hour, just a lil bit. He shows me how important me in his life, just a gentle act. Someone who can laugh with, do a silly things with, to talk a stupid thing. Since i know i am not a fun person to talk with i am understand him. Since i was a lil i always being left out between my pals, i am not really confident but just a dream. I just want to be happy actually. 

Now, i am trying to be a better person for a future