Kamis, 31 Desember 2015

Goodbye 2015 and Hello 2016 !

Today the last day in 2015 and in 2015 you know so many thing happen in my life. God gave me a bunch of great friends in last semester, mpi, oi, nene, opin, jimu, megi, nanat, bundo, cipa, mega, odin, anu, azka, bedul and others. God gave a smooth way to graduate, passed my seminar and assembly, plus I am graduate from diploma with excellent grade. I am made my parents proud of me, this is still a small present for them, I really can't live without them. I always want them to be happy, always healthy stay beside me.

Thanks god, you are the one and only. God gave a man that always tryin his best to be with me while he is not really into me, he gave me surprise and gift. God I really felt bad for him, because I forced to loved me, haha but I am already promised that I always stand by his side no matter what. I am just wanna see his smile, always happy, I still can't figure it out the reason why I am being like this to him. I am okay, but I loosing my trust to everyone, I lost my confident, hard to trust anyone now, even asking for a help I can't say it loudly, I am afraid that i will be a burden. 
After graduated i am afraid to face a work world, just afraid I can't believe my self, but I know I can do it, as long as i wanna to try it right?

Today, I am alone for a whole day, literally. haha Do you know how pathetic I am? I feel bad for my self, how hard for me to talk to anyone, even for friends? I am not find it beside me, they lost! usually I am just getting used by some people, hmm I don't know either. But let it happen till 2015 now already 2016 and i must prepare my self to be a better me, to the new me, to upgrade my self. I always grateful for 21 years old till now for the future I always be feel thankful to god for everything for all happiness, all sadness all lesson for a better me !

Happy New Year 2016

Rabu, 30 Desember 2015

hello from the last day in 2015 !

Hello, me is back hahaha i know this is for a thousand times that i said i’m back but not regular posted. Yeaa its me trying to find who really i am. Now, i’m decided to do it regular and i start it with change my blog design. You know i always having interest in drawing, design, fashion, etc. I am curious for a while about how to make a flat design and now i can make it yeeehee!! Look my blog header that my first flat design masterpiece thanks to youtube haha. What do you think? Practice always make perfect right? 

here my first flat design ! 

Kamis, 05 Maret 2015

Happy Friday

Hai happy friday, i think i should more active in my blog. Even not really many people see it. At least i am tryin to showing my work, right? 
These days so boring i nearly graduated and find some new collage can continue my study, its hard to find it not many collage available to extend my diploma. Huft 
I need a job too, hahah sometimes i think life too complicated while you growing up. 
So, this morning don't forget to catch up your breakfast okay? 
This is a toast ft fruit that i took when i hangout at lemongrass caffe bogor, west java. So delicious ^^