Kamis, 31 Desember 2015

Goodbye 2015 and Hello 2016 !

Today the last day in 2015 and in 2015 you know so many thing happen in my life. God gave me a bunch of great friends in last semester, mpi, oi, nene, opin, jimu, megi, nanat, bundo, cipa, mega, odin, anu, azka, bedul and others. God gave a smooth way to graduate, passed my seminar and assembly, plus I am graduate from diploma with excellent grade. I am made my parents proud of me, this is still a small present for them, I really can't live without them. I always want them to be happy, always healthy stay beside me.

Thanks god, you are the one and only. God gave a man that always tryin his best to be with me while he is not really into me, he gave me surprise and gift. God I really felt bad for him, because I forced to loved me, haha but I am already promised that I always stand by his side no matter what. I am just wanna see his smile, always happy, I still can't figure it out the reason why I am being like this to him. I am okay, but I loosing my trust to everyone, I lost my confident, hard to trust anyone now, even asking for a help I can't say it loudly, I am afraid that i will be a burden. 
After graduated i am afraid to face a work world, just afraid I can't believe my self, but I know I can do it, as long as i wanna to try it right?

Today, I am alone for a whole day, literally. haha Do you know how pathetic I am? I feel bad for my self, how hard for me to talk to anyone, even for friends? I am not find it beside me, they lost! usually I am just getting used by some people, hmm I don't know either. But let it happen till 2015 now already 2016 and i must prepare my self to be a better me, to the new me, to upgrade my self. I always grateful for 21 years old till now for the future I always be feel thankful to god for everything for all happiness, all sadness all lesson for a better me !

Happy New Year 2016

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