Selasa, 13 Desember 2016

What else?!

Tuesday is today, you know? my activity just sleep all day long without doing an important activity. These past 3 month i had a severe insomnia, i always slept at 4 am no matter how sleepy i am, i just believe that because i sleep until noon.

Today, like usual and suddenly my uncle called me. I thought something important that he called me, but he just missed me and want to know about me. After talking with him, i realize that my life lack of affection. Because my parent busy with their own things so do i am. And i know why i always thirsty of attention of others. And so envy whenever i saw a warm family, my family warm  but different kind of warm. i didn't mean to regret and being ungrateful, no! i just wanna fix it for a better future, i know it will be affected later to my own - soon to be - family. I wanna make it warm as long as possible i can. 

In the noon my friend come over my dorm and we went to campus together, she is a fun to friend with. She is caring too. In the campus as usual we studied about organizational communication, i love the lecturer so cool and friendly. She is the best so far. Yea, just usual, after that i went to grocery mart to buy some ingredients to cook. I always cook in my dorm for saving money. You know i ashamed to ask more money. Actually i want to buy some things , but i have to think twice to do it. After that we went back to dorm. At dorm i only playing hp and laptop and ended look my cousin blog and want to write again here!

I decided to tell everything here everyday, beside my parents none to willing listen to my story. My boyfriend said that he will be there whenever i need him, talked to him if i wanna share but, its different from the way he act. I know and understood, we in relationship for a long time. He can get bored with me, we doing a long distance relationship too. His personality is can't to show what his felt, and now he is more focus on his study and future. Sometimes we just a long conversation when he is really in good mood and we have something to talking about. I realized from the start these past years we starting to lack of communication, while the communication is the most important in relationship. I can't do nothing, i want to start a more happier, open up, silly and a better communication but those will  slowly giving up. He is closed his heart too tight, since i knew his feeling not completely mine anymore like i loosing my charm. So these past years i am trying to not have a big hope, let it be like what he want to be. Honestly i day by day i loosing my feeling too. Every night i wish i had someone that have a lil bit time to put me in his priority, i won't ask for 24 hour, just a lil bit. He shows me how important me in his life, just a gentle act. Someone who can laugh with, do a silly things with, to talk a stupid thing. Since i know i am not a fun person to talk with i am understand him. Since i was a lil i always being left out between my pals, i am not really confident but just a dream. I just want to be happy actually. 

Now, i am trying to be a better person for a future 

Rabu, 17 Agustus 2016

Date and Laptop

Past these months, i haven't had a date with my boyfie ya because we met but with our playmates, me and him have a common playmates so i didn't call that a date. And T-O-D-A-Y  he asked me to hanging out to share our stories. My driving class has been canceled so i have more time to spend with him. I pick him up at his house, he said i wore a training suit besides i wore a brand new pants huuuft then we went to a cafe, which is a brand new and nice cafe in town. We find a seat that have plugs so he can charge his lovely laptop. As usual laptop always present between me and him, quiet funny but that is he did his job so i am understood him. We talked about everything, family, friends, us and more. I accompanied him while he did his job, but today i am happy that he asked me first. It is been a while he asked for a date. If you asked me, our relationship like couple-best friend we started our relationship from a friends and become a couple. The are plus or minus about this relationship and me too tired to setting up like we have to be. Just let it be ~
Then Weby came visit us for a while the leave us again. Since nearly sunset so we went home.
I am happy for today, thank to him

Me, Him and His Laptop

Minggu, 14 Agustus 2016

Cheer Up

What is friends for?  Those words was on my mind these days, i am trying to help my best friends as long as i can. One of those episodes is yesterday, my best friend follow an election for tourism ambassador in our town called "Uda Uni Kota Payakumbuh 2016" his name is Weby. Weby and me be a friends since 8 years a go, we attended the same junior high school and senior high school plus we are playmates till now.
So, a couple week ago, he registered himself  for followed the election and yesterday the final round of the election. I as his best friend of course support him as well. I am gathering another friend to go with, and Riri can accompanied me. We already at hall at 08.00 pm but the event started at 09.00 pm we waited meanwhile the hall increasingly filled by the audience who support their family. I am so proud of him, he trying his best and be a TOP 10. In the middle of event dhio, majik, wisnu and yudha came too.

He is the left most

Unfortunately, weby can't get in to TOP 3 but i am proud of him he trying his best to challenge his self. Beside that Imay there too, she is so pretty that night so different when we usually hang out she keep humble and low profile. Majik and Dhio showing their loyalty to their friends, how  lucky  i am have a chance to know them.
Friends is all that have beside family, they filling my day. Being a one child in the house sometimes so depressing for me because i have none to talk, to laugh, to share my day. But sometimes i imagine that what if i am the one who need them? will they do the same? Not because i am hoping their give a feedback  or unwilling helped them  but just wondering. Me will always cherish every friends of mine and thank you for always being with me

Yudha, Wisnu, Weby, Majik, Me and Dhio

Me and Imay
Imay also my playmates from another group and we be a friend since 8 years ago too, she is so talented and pretty but when we hang out she showing us more her true self. 

Sabtu, 30 Juli 2016

Really? This Time

Really, maybe this blog already sick when i always said that i will post everyday but didn't nothing. But sometimes i really tired to waiting midnight for access website freely because the mobile data. i wish i really can frequently posting on my blog at least for a diary right?

Actually i had many photos that i wanna share to my blog, but i didn't know where i should start it. out of many thing to do on my list blogging is one of them since i got 3 month holiday which is a loooooooooooooooooooooooong holiday before i start the new semester. You know i studied MARKETING COMMUNICATION now, at Bakrie University for a employee class. the class start at 6.30 pm and ended at 09.00 pm since then morning and night already switched naturally, i didn't have a job either because my mom ask me to focus. hmmm now i should start thinking about my final task already. I met new people at my new class and many of them older than me.

Enough with the study, blogging, photography, learn how to drive, cooking, design and many list that i wish i could do during the holiday but the fact that i'm a lazy butt that always hold my phone and laying down, browsing instagram, snapchat, line, and youtube looking for my korean idol, my inspiration my happiness EXO or Seventeen. My will so big but my body so lazy, i now i have to find a way to changes my habit. Later i will telling you more, and now i'm sleepy and my bed already calling me for a couple time.

oh ya, i change my concept to be more black and white!
see ya!

Sabtu, 02 Januari 2016

Envy them :(

The first day in January, 2016. last night i  slept around 3 AM and woke up at 6 AM hmm still sleepy after praying i am back to my bed embrace. At 3 PM i went to mall with my friend and her boyfriends, according to plan that i wanna watch movie but the ticket unavailable in holiday huft so i am cancel my plan. after lunch we went to shushi house to celebrate their first anniversary i want to feel be them, when i can  get a chance like that huff :(. Before went home i got a new pair of shoes !! i got confuse to choose black or stripes one, and ended bought the the stripes one. uhuuuu i got a new one thank god :)