Sabtu, 30 Juli 2016

Really? This Time

Really, maybe this blog already sick when i always said that i will post everyday but didn't nothing. But sometimes i really tired to waiting midnight for access website freely because the mobile data. i wish i really can frequently posting on my blog at least for a diary right?

Actually i had many photos that i wanna share to my blog, but i didn't know where i should start it. out of many thing to do on my list blogging is one of them since i got 3 month holiday which is a loooooooooooooooooooooooong holiday before i start the new semester. You know i studied MARKETING COMMUNICATION now, at Bakrie University for a employee class. the class start at 6.30 pm and ended at 09.00 pm since then morning and night already switched naturally, i didn't have a job either because my mom ask me to focus. hmmm now i should start thinking about my final task already. I met new people at my new class and many of them older than me.

Enough with the study, blogging, photography, learn how to drive, cooking, design and many list that i wish i could do during the holiday but the fact that i'm a lazy butt that always hold my phone and laying down, browsing instagram, snapchat, line, and youtube looking for my korean idol, my inspiration my happiness EXO or Seventeen. My will so big but my body so lazy, i now i have to find a way to changes my habit. Later i will telling you more, and now i'm sleepy and my bed already calling me for a couple time.

oh ya, i change my concept to be more black and white!
see ya!