Minggu, 14 Agustus 2016

Cheer Up

What is friends for?  Those words was on my mind these days, i am trying to help my best friends as long as i can. One of those episodes is yesterday, my best friend follow an election for tourism ambassador in our town called "Uda Uni Kota Payakumbuh 2016" his name is Weby. Weby and me be a friends since 8 years a go, we attended the same junior high school and senior high school plus we are playmates till now.
So, a couple week ago, he registered himself  for followed the election and yesterday the final round of the election. I as his best friend of course support him as well. I am gathering another friend to go with, and Riri can accompanied me. We already at hall at 08.00 pm but the event started at 09.00 pm we waited meanwhile the hall increasingly filled by the audience who support their family. I am so proud of him, he trying his best and be a TOP 10. In the middle of event dhio, majik, wisnu and yudha came too.

He is the left most

Unfortunately, weby can't get in to TOP 3 but i am proud of him he trying his best to challenge his self. Beside that Imay there too, she is so pretty that night so different when we usually hang out she keep humble and low profile. Majik and Dhio showing their loyalty to their friends, how  lucky  i am have a chance to know them.
Friends is all that have beside family, they filling my day. Being a one child in the house sometimes so depressing for me because i have none to talk, to laugh, to share my day. But sometimes i imagine that what if i am the one who need them? will they do the same? Not because i am hoping their give a feedback  or unwilling helped them  but just wondering. Me will always cherish every friends of mine and thank you for always being with me

Yudha, Wisnu, Weby, Majik, Me and Dhio

Me and Imay
Imay also my playmates from another group and we be a friend since 8 years ago too, she is so talented and pretty but when we hang out she showing us more her true self. 

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