Rabu, 17 Agustus 2016

Date and Laptop

Past these months, i haven't had a date with my boyfie ya because we met but with our playmates, me and him have a common playmates so i didn't call that a date. And T-O-D-A-Y  he asked me to hanging out to share our stories. My driving class has been canceled so i have more time to spend with him. I pick him up at his house, he said i wore a training suit besides i wore a brand new pants huuuft then we went to a cafe, which is a brand new and nice cafe in town. We find a seat that have plugs so he can charge his lovely laptop. As usual laptop always present between me and him, quiet funny but that is he did his job so i am understood him. We talked about everything, family, friends, us and more. I accompanied him while he did his job, but today i am happy that he asked me first. It is been a while he asked for a date. If you asked me, our relationship like couple-best friend we started our relationship from a friends and become a couple. The are plus or minus about this relationship and me too tired to setting up like we have to be. Just let it be ~
Then Weby came visit us for a while the leave us again. Since nearly sunset so we went home.
I am happy for today, thank to him

Me, Him and His Laptop

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