Sabtu, 25 Februari 2017

Friendship and Egoists

Let's see tonight something made me really wanna write here, something that always bug me. It is friendship and Egoists. What is the real friendship is? What is the definition of egoists? When people can be egoists? I know everything depend on our each point of view but i just still don't get it. It is a our nature character if people just wanna other people listen a bunch of their stories without willing to listened other people stories. It is already set, but can we just adjust to the situation and be consider each other. 

Friendship that everyone proud of, so do i. I always trying to be a good friend for all my friends but something still missing, will they willing help me when i need a help? will they willing to hear my stories when i need people to talk?  When they will understand my situation when i not accidentally disappoint them? Will they? do what i did for them? Its not mean i am not sincere to them, i just curious. I have many friends around me but still empty, this is the time when while we growing up our real friends left us one by one cause a distance and we only care about our own business. Now i am grateful for them who still stay beside me, and care about me. They still wanna listening me, remember me being part of them. sometimes i wanna to be listened, not for once but twice when i wanna try to start a story their not respond

It just my feeling okay?! So felt like i just being there for them, listening their stories. Can we say that i am egoists? hahaha i am doubt what really egoists mean?! Back and forth remember me when you need it, its okay...its okay, that is the real life is. 

These day, i just wanna make my self happy without thinking others feeling, i am getting tired to care what others feel and being careful. That is my personality that always  don't want to hurt other feeling because i knew how felt hurt it left a scar that none can heal and stay forever. So i not talk too much, and can be the funny friends that can entertain other while with me, i am a bored one with lack of general knowledge. I only care what i think i should care. Aaa there is feeling that i can't describe in words. So i'm sorry that this is a confusing post, haha

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