Jumat, 17 Maret 2017

A short escape

I got a month for holiday this semester, like usual i came back home which i missed everyday. Home is a place where i can find my happiness, my peace, my everything is here. My hometown is the place that i can lean on, Payakumbuh is a part of West Sumatera. A small city but you can find everything you need here. A city which full of variety food and treasurer of tourism.

To fill my holiday me and my best friends plan a short holiday, first we set our destination to Padang. There we can going to some island and watch a movie, i already satisfied when i imagine it. But like a famous quotes said that "not always what we want to be going according to plan" yeaa, the storm and heavy rain at our region and some areas affected by disaster. Because of that our parents forbid to going there. In the end we just decided went to Bukittinggi and Terusan Kamang.

That day we start at 5pm because some things that unavoidable. So Majik driving his car and we on the passanger seat, first the mood not so good since majik  have a little conflict with his mother. But we trying to made his mood up again. We singing in the car and laugh out loud. I am so happy whe i was with them, i found my happiness in them.  And that afternoon we just need  going straight from Payakumbuh the turn right and we arrived at Terusan Kamang. We took some photos there.

This is the view that afternoon

Nindy and Me

Nindy and Majik

They always with me

After that we eat some meatball at Bukittinggi called "BAKSO YARSI" that meatball so famous in town so we always going there if there is a chance. After that we move to "Panties Pizza" and hangout while playing yudo so much fun and our parents already ask for going home. So finally we ended out short escape at 12 pm still with the heavy rain.

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