Kamis, 09 Maret 2017

I am a tooth fairy

It is not like what in your imagination, i am not literally a tooth fairy. Otherwise, at my young age, 23 y.o i lost many teeth. Since i was a kid, i ate a lot ice cream, chocolate and all kind of sweets. And day by day my teeth became weak, a doctor ever said that beside the sweets it is  happen because antibiotics that i ate when i was sick. So here i am a young lady with teeth problem.

Today,  i went to dentist and my intention for made dentures. Before it, i lost four teeth only for my upper molars and now since a month ago, one more tooth crack right after i woke up -,- you know? its kinda funny but sad for me.

Absolutely i can't face this world without my dentures, so i decided to made a new dentures. When i arrived there, the doctor check my teeth and duplicate the structure of my teeth. after that i asked her "why when i used a floss my gum always bleed?" and she said it because a tartar, right away not in a minute my mother asked the doctor to cleaned up the tartar from my teeth. You know? so suddenly and so pain, oh my god! this why i always nervous when i heard dentist. Until now, i still can feel the pain. After long way cleaned up my tartar, i felt so fresh in my teeth. Then the doctor said that, i had one tooth that need to be remove.

OH PLEASE?! my mom again, let's remove it while we are at dentist and clean up all my teeth problem. Hesitate but for my own good, once again i remove my tooth and thankfully it is at my bellow molars and can't see them when i open up my mouth so do not need a dentures. 
You can imagine the pain?! really it is really give me a lesson, i should brush my teeth before sleep and take care of my mouth health included my precious teeth. Because the dentures i need to postpone going back to Jakarta, and absent for three days. Huft

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