Selasa, 25 April 2017

Brand new 23rd y.o !

I    A M    2 3   Y E A R S    O L D    L A D Y

Yea, started from 24th April, 2017 i am officially 23 y.o. You can say that I am not a teenager anymore, not a fully adult too, because i think i am still a high school student soul ~ don't blame me haha. Here the stories of my 23 y.o began, for the first time that i don't have a hope for anything from everyone, since i am in Jakarta all alone. Then my best friend her name Edhelweis always asked me to go to Bandung, since she is staying there  and she asked me since last February but i can't fulfill it because i have an issue with my teeth. Then i get a chance at this weekend when i checked the calendar, my birthday is 24th  April marked as a red date. Finally i planed to spend my birthday with her and of course my tsundere boy, rather be alone at dorm. I get my ticket, usually i rode a train to went there since it cheap enough and comfy too. 

At 23rd April morning, with excitement i went to station and can't wait arrived in Bandung. On my way, Edhelweis remind me that she has a event to follow and i can have a date first with my boy but i actually have a ticklish feeling that i am afraid to be burden on him but i miss him a lot. So he said that he will wait me at his dorm since i will put my bag first at his dorm. With a lot effort and worried because my driver seems clumsy but i am trying to be okay. When i am gonna tell him i will arrived soon, my battery run out. Of course made me panic and luckily i have another battery. 

I called him, and we prepared as soon as possible, oh god! i miss him even he in front of me what a crazy heart. Then we started our date to eat first, since i already starving and he either. We already decided to heading to a steak place, called "KARNIVOR" i love their steak so yumyum. We wait angkot and nothing passing by, there was traffic too and we trying to booked online taxi so nothing accepted too. When i looked at the sky started darker so we decided to using some motorcycle online, separated. You know what? A heavy rain came fastest than i though and the result is my pants and shoes became a pool. I worried about him too, and we met he already not in a good mood since he has OCD but i understand him, i tried to calm his down. We eat deliciously and talk a lot, i always love to talk with him without cell phone or laptop. After a main course we need a dessert, we walked through the city, talk with him and walk together what a romance for me. Then we enter the place, another reason for him not really in mood is we got a bad position seat, since it a crowded there, so we have no choice. After that he suggest we went to korean cafe, what a rare suggestion i've got. so we went there, we waited again and finally full stomach ever. We got home, at night he came to my place with his friends and we make a noodle together. We talked, we laugh together until the midnight 00.00. They already told me to not hoped for anything, i am not but a lil hihi so they just light up a candles for me and blow it. Not long after that they went home.

THE DAY - we already promised to play bowling today, so we met at the place. I dress up with my effort since today is the day. We met and i came for the first time to bowling arena. I got nervous and started to like and know how. What a new experienced for me, thank to them, Adek, Bedul and Him. After that we going around Bandung, Ciwalk and arrived at "LEKKER". Actually i want more spend more quality time with him huhu but maybe still not the right time. We talked but i already sleepy, after we finished everything we went home. Me and Adek already planed to make a dinner, so we went home first. While cooked i always waited for him, We need to optimize our time. But still his face not popped in front of me, arrgh i am start annoyed by him. BUT while i clean the sink, they make a surprised for me!! He held a cake, Adek gave me a spray for birthday party, Bedul recorded everything. How thankful i am, wanna hug each of them, but i can't kwkw. We took the photos and we ate together, what a moment. I never can describe how happy i am, if you know my boyfriend can't express his feeling well, he is so direct and honest with his words so surprise event a rare thing for me. i wanna scream, I LOVE YOU REALLY. Thankyou for everything, thankyou for all past 9 years and we will walk together in the future, thankyou for spend all those time for me. 


Shadiq, Edhelweis, Bedul, Me and My Cutie Pie

He is my tsundere with a puffy eyes ~